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CHARACTER NAME: Bisi the Tenno


Backtagging: Tentative yes, but I'm more likely to drop threads that are a month old or more unless they are very active or important.
Threadjacking: Fine with me!
Fourthwalling: Naw.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Nothing I can think of right now.


Hugging this character: Bisi will be pretty perplexed but depending on the person, Bisi will be receptive.
Romance: Open for fluff! Bisi is really naive about that stuff though.
Fighting with this character: Yes plz!
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Talk ahead of time but yes!
Killing this character: Talk ahead of time but yes!
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yes but brace yourself!

Bisi Powers
Void Beam
Bisi can create a beam of concentrated void energy. It can degrade most matter in a few seconds of exposure. Currently she can only use the beam once per day.

Basilisk's Gaze
Bisi can create a petrifying beam that encases enemies in stone for a few moments, after which the stone crumbles away.

Void Blast
Bisi can create a concussive blast directly in front of her.

Void Walk
Bisi can fade into the void, becoming invisible for a short time.

Void Dash
Bisi can slip through the void to travel short distances. She can either pass through objects or smash through them.

Improved Transference
Bisi can transform into energy and teleport into her warframe wherever it is, so long as she maintains a connection to it. At any time she can step out of the warframe, becoming a physical entity again.

Valkyr Warframe
Valkyr is a heavily armored, highly agile, and very powerful synthetic lifeform. She also has a highly advanced energy shield that can deflect most mundane arms, and recharges at a fast rate. In addition she has the following abilities:

Rip Line
Valkyr has two rip lines she can fire from each arm that go up to 100 yards. She can use them to reel in objects and people, or use them to scale cliffs or span chasms.

Valkyr can let out a rallying cry, bolstering the attack speed and defenses of her allies while diminishing the attack speed and mobility of her enemies. This is a magical ability, although your character won't be affected if you don't want them to be.

Valkyr can discharge her shields in a short radius around her that can stun and injure enemies.

Overcome with rage, Valkyr unleashes a pair of energy claws and becomes immune to all damage and debilitating effects. In addition, damage dealt by her claws mends her wounds. Hysteria is very energy-intensive and will leave Valkyr exhausted if she stays in it for too long. It is also vulnerable to energy drain.

Warnings: Bisi is very passionate about fighting for good and if you make yourself out to be a villain she'll dedicate herself to being your enemy. Also expect lots of Angst and mentions of death and violence and experiments.

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